Who's Afraid? x C. Tangerine
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Who's Afraid? x C. Tangerine

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Official C. Tangerine Print

Chin Tangerine was a female student artist, she was the first Hong Kong artist to use graffiti art to promote the awareness of Ai Weiwei's incarceration without charge,  among the island's population, by spray-painting Ai's image, with the slogan"Who's afraid of Ai Weiwei", onto the street pavement and building walls using a stencil. These actions resulted in Hong Kong police serious crime squad conducting a criminal damage investigation against her, thus turning her into an "inadvertent counterculture icon."

Printed in 2011 on white stock

1 color screen print

Edition of only 50

Hand-numbered print

Approx. 18” x 24”


A.I. Free - Only 100% Real Human Artistic expression