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Q. What date and time will your new prints go on sale? / How can I be informed about new product releases?

A: Please joining the mailing list for all upcoming release info. We don’t respond to DM’s requesting specific release info. Sale info is released through our mailing list first, and then websites and social media. Print release times vary but are usually within a couple of weeks of the event.


Q. I’m looking for something not on the site or market as SOLD OUT, might you have any more lying around? Can you print more?

A. Once an item is sold out, it is most likely gone forever, if we do have more we will add it to the site at some point. We DO NOT reprint limited edition items in exactly the same way EVER.



Q. Can you direct me to a place that may have the old or SOLD OUT item I am looking for?

A. Sorry, we don’t keep track of all secondary market sale locations.



Q. Can I get a matching number set or specific number from the edition?

A. We do not provide matching number sets unless explicitly stated in the item description.



Q. I bought art from another vendor/person, is it real?

A. We cannot authenticate items not purchased through our store.



Q. Can I change my entire address payment has gone through?

A: We will accept corrections to the address, but the entire address cannot be changed to another location. We may choose to cancel the entire order and for re-ordering to change the address if needed.

Q. Can I buy more than one of the same poster? What is the purchase limit?

A. New prints are limited to 1 of each print and or variant per household unless explicitly stated in the item description. Multiple orders of the same exact print version are cancelled and refunded at our discretion. We also reserve the right not to sell to and or block anyone we deem to be a flipper.


Q. Can I combine multiple orders to save on shipping?

A. Sorry, we do not combine orders due to people placing orders with separate accounts/computers and then asking to combine them all. This creates a bottleneck to our shipping process and is unfair to others.


Q. I had the item in my cart but couldn’t complete my order?

A. During high volume sales, items may be sold out before they can be processed, even if added to the cart. Adding an item to the online Shopping Cart does NOT guarantee or reserve an item. Once payment is confirmed items will be checked against our inventory. Since many people may be placing orders at exactly the same time we reserve the right to refund any orders that cannot be filled for any reason. All orders are up to the discretion of Invisible Industries LLC.


Q. Can you hold on to my purchase for be sent at a later date?

A. No. We ship orders as they come in and have a policy of not holding orders.

Q. Where is my item?

A. Please see product description for shipping time. We usually provide tracking once the item is shipped. Once the item is in transit we cannot get more information about a package other than what is provided by the tracking number itself. We cannot be held responsible for the tracking information provided by USPS, as it may not always be accurate or up to date.



Q. Where does this store ship from? Can I pick up a print in person?

A:  We are an online retailer shipping from California USA. In person pick is not available.

Q. Can my international order be marked as a gift or less than the purchase price to save on taxes?

A. No. Due to orders being shipped in groups we do not mark orders as “gifts” or less than purchase value for any reason. We make sure our packages are insured for the full amount.


Q. What is this store's return and exchange policy?

A. Please see our “Store Policy” link.



Q. I received a damaged order, what are my options?

A. Please see the “Store Policy” regarding damages during transit.



Q. Who is Munk One and how can I find out more about him and his work?

A. Please visit www.MUNKONE.com for more info.

Q. Can I send in an item to be signed by the Artist?

A. No. We do not accept incoming items to be signed due to demand and shipping liability. The best place to get an after market signature would be in person at shows and events.

Q. Would you consider donating to a charity?

A. If you would like your charity to be considered please send us information regarding the charity and the  501C3 number of your organization along with the shipping address. We do not send free items to individuals.

We would also please request a letter or email indicating the name of the charity organization, 501C3 number and the final value of the donated item as a receipt for tax purposes once the item is sold.


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Updated: 03/02/21

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