Invisible Industries LLC is a confluence of various creative ventures under one visionary umbrella. Since it's inception in 2006 as a single artist's online store, our online sales platform has garnered a well-deserved reputation for specializing in limited edition prints, paintings, puzzles, and more – an array of artistic treasures that have found their way into the homes of delighted collectors worldwide.

Brand Divisions
Explore the diverse realms within Invisible Industries.

shop.InvisibleIndustries.com - Invisible Industries Online Shop 
This Artist-owned online retailer is a trusted haven for both artists and customers alike.

Secret Puzzle Club - Limited Edition Artist Puzzles
Immerse yourself in an ongoing series, transforming your favorite artist designs into captivating puzzles.

Maison54collection.com - High End Artist Collaboration Print Series
Witness the exquisite corpse method in action as three artists converge to create a visually stunning project.

Play-Bk.com - Brand new Official Prints of past live events.
Capture the essence of memorable events with our exclusive collection of official prints.

KintsugiMedia.com - Design Agency
Elevate your visual identity with custom design services provided by a select group of trusted contract artists.

ColourHaiku.com - Poster and Art Festival 
Our Yearly Poster Event

MunkOne.com - Artist Portfolio
Immerse yourself in the artistic journey of Munk One through a carefully curated portfolio.

Meet the visionary team behind Invisible Industries:

Owner | Creative Director 

L. Jocelin
Owner | Project Manager

G. Villanueva
Curator and Group Admin for the Maison54 Collection

S. Hawk
Shipping Assistant