We want your screen-printed gig poster to live its best life. Here are some general care and maintenance tips:

Consider carefully framing your poster using acid-free matting and UV-protective glass or acrylic to safeguard it from dust, UV rays, and physical damage.

When handling your poster, ensure your hands are clean and dry to avoid leaving fingerprints and oils which can really damage the print. Some people like to use white cotton gloves. Handle gently to prevent creases and dents when rolling. Watch the corners so they stay sharp.

Choose a suitable location, away from direct sunlight, heat and high humidity areas. These conditions can cause colors to fade and paper to deteriorate over time.

If storing your poster, keep it in a cool, dry place. Store it flat or temporarily roll it in an acid-free tube to prevent damage. Flat files are nice for larger collections and portfolios are nice for travel. Protect it from extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture . Do not store rolled for long periods, the inks may crack when unrolled if stored this way. 

Avoid using adhesive materials like tape or glue directly on the poster, as they can cause irreversible damage. Use appropriate mounting techniques to preserve its quality.


By following these general tips, you can give your art the best chance of maintaining its vibrant appearance and quality over time. If you have any specific questions or concerns about caring for your artwork, feel free to reach out to us for personalized advice. Your art's longevity is important to us! 🎨