10 Questions With... Artist Bioworkz

10 Questions With... Artist Bioworkz

We had the pleasure of asking Artist Bioworkz 10 questions, and now we’re in the mood for cake. Here’s what he had to say!!

If colors had personalities, which one do you think would be the class clown and why?

Bioworkz: Yellow, it's loud, bright and in your face.

The year is 2033AD and 99.9% of humans have reluctantly but fully merged with the A.I. What are you up to?

Bioworkz: Probably creating an alternative AI world for people to immerse in. I want people to experience what my imagination can do.

You woke up this morning as a giant octopus. Do you tell anyone, or do you keep working to meet your deadlines?

Bioworkz: I'm sure my family would freak out. But if they didn't notice, I would probably think I'm dreaming or high on some kind of strong psychedelic. Meeting my deadlines would be the least of my concerns.

In a world where art critiques were given by animals, which animal do you think would enjoy your work the best, and what sort of feedback would they have?

Bioworkz: I would like a wolverine to critique my artwork. It's my favorite animal, and I think it would be the most critical of my work. Since the wolverine don't necessarily have predators because it's so aggressive, I can only guess that the critiques will be uncensored and brutal. Not sure exactly what kind of critique, but I can rely on the fact that it's unfiltered and true. I don't need a bunny telling me my artwork is great...that won't be helpful feedback.

Drawing parallels with literature, how do art prints serve as a form of visual storytelling, and what narrative elements are unique to the printed medium?

Bioworkz: With art prints, you get to keep a snippet of the story being told by the artwork. Just like with owning a book, you get to keep the story written in it. The major difference is the interpretation of the artwork and how quickly it can be consumed. With a book, it generally takes hours to complete and everything is spelled out for you, but with art, it's a quick experience and open to interpretation.

If you could have theme song play at will whenever you entered a room, what song would it be?

Bioworkz: Masai Mara by Youngsta...I absolutely love slow build up with the heavy bass. It's how I get amped up before heading to the gym.

What is your favorite part of the art process other than completing a project and describe why in detail.

Bioworkz: I like the initial sketching process. The search for inspiration, the discovery of where the image will go. There are no rules, it's just complete freedom of slowly revealing where the artwork will end up. Kind of like playing with random pieces of legos and seeing what different pieces will do when it's finally compiled together.

If you made a 3 layer cake to describe your current art style, what flavors/ingredients would be in each layer.

Bioworkz: There would be 3 different layers of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet mixed with different textures like walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. The outer layer would be decorated with lots of different ornate patterns.

What is the last thing you saw or learned that gave you a feeling of wonder or awe?

Bioworkz: Went hiking recently and taking in the views was inspiring. The pace of nature, the crunch of gravel underneath my boots, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. I felt like this is what life should be....the pace of nature.

If someone gifted you a home made, but very well done costume based on one of your creations, which creation would you secretly hope it would be based on?

Bioworkz: My college graphite drawing of the BioGasMask. That's the first image that came to mind because it would make a badass mask to wear.

Bonus Question!! If you could use magic to manifest a new ink or paper medium. What would its properties be and how would it add to the prints you make?

Bioworkz: I would like an ink to be a mixture of metallic, glow in the dark, and has texture like puff paint when applied to paper. That ink would be used for my key line to make it pop the most, and the rest of the colors can be used normally.

Many thanks to Bioworkz for taking time to be part of 10 Questions with...!!

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